Kiwiana Town | The Kiwiana capital of the world! | Kiwi Slang
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Kiwi Slang

Some examples of Kiwi Slang

(There are lot more on the poster on display in Otorohanga)

‘Across the ditch’ = Australia
‘Aussie’ = Australian
‘Biscuit’ = cookie
‘Bloke’ = man
‘Brassed off’ = disappointed, annoyed
‘Chippie’ = potato chip
‘Chocka’ = full
‘Cocky, cow-cocky’ = dairy farmer
‘Chook’ = chicken
‘College’ = high school
‘Corker!’ = great!
‘Crib’ = small holiday home in Southland
‘Crook’ = sick, poorly
‘Dairy’ = mini supermarket / convenience store
‘Dole’ = unemployment benefit
‘Dreaded lurgy’ = cold or flu
‘Ding’ = minor accident, car damage
‘Gander’ = take a look
‘Godzone’ = New Zealand
‘Flat stick, flat tack’ = as fast as possible
‘Flog’ = steal
‘Fortnight’ = two consecutive weeks
‘Half pie’ = half heartedly, poorly performed
‘Hangi’ = traditional Maori earth oven
‘Hard case’ = joker, comedian, witty person
‘Hard yakka’ = hard work
‘Heaps’ = a lot
‘Hooray’ = goodbye
‘Hottie’ = hot water bottle
‘Jack up’ = to arrange something
‘Kai’ = food (from the Maori word for eating)
‘Kiwi’ = New Zealander, flightless NZ native bird
‘Kiwifruit’ = chinese gooseberry
“Ladies, a plate” = please bring a dish of food to share
‘Long drop’ = outdoor toilet built over a hole in ground
‘Mate’ = buddy, close friend
‘Metal road’ = a gravel road surface Milo – hot chocolate drink
‘Motorway’ = freeway
‘Nana’ = grandmother
‘Nappy’ = diaper
‘OE’ [acronym] = Overseas Experience
‘Oz’ = Australia
‘Pakeha’ = non-Maori person
‘Pav’ = pavlova, NZ’s iconic dessert
‘Pudding’ = dessert
‘Pushing up daisies’ = dead/buried
‘Rough as guts’ = unpolished/unrefined
‘Shark and taties’ = fish and chips
“She’ll be right” = everything will be ok
‘Smoko’ = break, rest period
‘Suss’ = figure something out
‘Ute’ = utility vehicle, pickup truck
‘Whinge’ = complain
‘Wobbly’ = throw a tantrum
‘Wop wops’ = isolated area of land/rural location